More and more I come to value charity and love
of one's fellow being above everything else...
All our lauded technological progress
--our very civilization--
is like the axe in the hand of the pathological criminal.
Albert Einstein
Where would we be without it? Shame it's so bloody expensive really as technology is exceptionally useful for saving us time. It's a shame that it's exceptionally useful for destroying lives and killing people too. What is it they say, the greatest technological advances are realised through weapons development. Oh dear, that really isn't what Einstein had in mind. He's right though, the damage that we do with technology is mainly against humanity. The manufacture of weapons being the more obvious one, however there are more subtle ways, such as job replacement through automation etc...

How many iPhone's have there been in the last 5 years? How many new features has each of these iterations brought? Why is the current iPhone not 20 years ahead of its time? In fact why is this years model always eclipsed by next years model? Pretty simple really, to keep that cashflow pouring in through the door. If it wasn't just for the profit, why are iPhones not made in the country that they are to be sold in? The same can be said for too many technologies these days. Budget "rules" again. What's wrong with a release every 5 years? A release that has 10's if not hundreds of new features. In fact why are Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Apple etc... not collaborating to produce THE phone, bringing about the standardisation that we so often cry out for. Giving us a true best bang for buck for the user? Like most industry's they protect their IP and copyright designs so that no one else can make use of their technology, unless they pay for it that is. Is kNOWledge free? Most definitely not, and that is stifling innovation enormously. Where would our technology have been had the other children decided to share their toys?

How many jobs has technology replaced? Is there a human cost? or is that just life? With all of this technology at our fingertips, why are we still burning fossil fuels? Maglev wind generators, Friendlier localised thorium nuclear reactors, Solar panels, alternative bio fuels etc... there are many to research and many to choose from, but the 2 links above could power New Zealand very easily indeed. However, they are expensive. Again, budget gets in the way of progress.

Why do houses not have solar panels, maglev wind turbines and electro magnetic power generators to augment, if not replace, the power supply of a house. The technology is there. Where are the desalination/purification plants for recycling our household water? Where are the alternative automotive fuels that they've been talking about? The technology is there. Why aren't we using it? Pretty obvious really. Why aren't there more hydroponic gardens producing our food? Building up instead of out and using recycled water and nutrients instead of over farming the soil. The technology is there, cooperation isn't.

Under NOW the technologies can be implemented NOW and for our direct future and for future generations. Remember the local economy is free. Build it once and build it properly, upgradeable, fit for purpose, built to last and built for EVERYONE and not for profit! It's not hard. New Zealand could make use of all of the available technologies and become the green country that it touts itself to be around the globe. It's your choice, the technology is there.

We've always stood on the shoulders of giants, it would seem a shame to silo expertise because it makes money. What a pathetic waste of resources and what a pathetic waste of life. NOW will usher in a generation of collaboration and cooperation instead of privacy and profit and this must be made a priority as we cannot continue to use technology for entertainment and killing purposes only. Let's be smart and get the basics done first and to benefit EVERYONE!

Technology has been hugely influential in regards to affecting change. The Arab spring made effective use of social media for keeping people involved and more importantly, informed in regards to the progress of their movement. Technology is absolutely key in regards to our future, it is a crime that the innovation is in the hands of those who wield a financial axe. We are an amazing creature and this is borne out by our constant innovation and use of technology, yet we don't seem to be able to get any traction in regards to societal change, let alone global change. This was more recently witnessed by Occupy.