If you give people enough rope,
they will either hang themselves or live.
Perhaps they will do something truly spectacular.
There will be a fair amount of deconstruction in terms of existing policy. Deconstruction meaning completely throwing out every policy that is used to govern New Zealand to start with. There are too many Policies and Laws that are outdated and usually they are attached to some form of financial penalty for not doing as one is told. To that end, we would have a blank slate. Time to give people their freedom back, even the freedom to stuff up.

Considering that we are about to unleash mass unemployment, people will need things to do. Currently the vast majority of the population work, with a small group of people not working. Part of that small group want to work, but there aren't enough jobs to go around, so some people need to be unemployed. Yes, NEED to be unemployed. Inflation and hyperinflation say so (search for the terms online for a clearer idea)! This is the way things are, economists and politicians say so too. The following Policies are subject to change and are only 1 way of looking at things.

Health: everyone will receive treatment for their ailments. If you have a recurring injury, you will still receive treatment. Why do insurers and ACC want to decline people treatment because they have a history of a particular injury? The person has the injury, they need to be "fixed", so why leave them "incapable" because an entity doesn't want to pay, I mean, doesn't have the budget to fund treatment for a condition that has returned?

Education: everyone will have free education. From Kindy to Uni. After all, we're wanting our population to be cutting edge in regards to kNOWledge, capability and ability amongst other things. The smarter our future generations are, the smarter our society will work. We all stand on the shoulders of giants, let's do it to improve everyone's situation, not just for those who can afford it.

Justice: common sense will reign. All current laws will be thrown out and replaced with laws fit for a free local economy. Let's face it, if someone is committing a crime in a free local economy it's likely to be a crime committed directly against another person. You can't sell items in an economy where there's no money. Jail being the only option in replacement for fines. Prisons will become schools, but they'll have big walls and barb wire. Could the return of the death penalty for certain crimes, like murder, rape, abuse etc... be considered as long as there were an iron clad case. Drugs (cannabis, P, cocaine, heroin etc...) could be legalised, although they will be treated like alcohol where if you are working under the influence, you will go to jail for endangering others. Speed limits will be removed out with populated areas. Essentially killing someone will mean that a person sees the inside of a prison cell for a considerable amount of time, but in line with common sense.

Economy: some form of resource based policy will be required, but that goes hand in hand with the logistics and economics of NOW.

Environmental: Jail time. As we are a free local economy, damaging the environment needlessly will result in jail time. The resource based economy policy will deal with the "rules" governing how we use our resources.

Infrastructure: we will do what needs to be done. If we need more roads, we'll build them. If we need new rail systems, we'll build them. If we need ........ then we'll build it etc... As a for instance, where there is a natural disaster, as many resources as possible could be directed towards the "disaster" area and other projects put on hold until significant progress is made. No need to wait for insurance companies, no need to build to a budget (you could exceed "compliance") or worry about the financial economic impact of taking people off infrastructure projects. People first, infrastructure a distant second. With plenty of people unemployed, that's plenty of people to get stuck in!

Defence: we will build land based mobile technology for defending our shores. Pointless in ways I grant you, but it's best to be prepared. "National Service" could make a return?

Housing: if someone needs a house, build it! but let's build them smarter and as self sustainable as possble.

Water: we are Aotearoa, this should not be a problem given that the land of the long white cloud is surrounded by water. We can build deslination plants to meet irrigation needs.

And last but not least, Energy: use the best technology available for power generation. There are some stunning technologies out there that could change the course of our history in the blink of an eye. We'll have look at some of these in the Technology section.

There are probably more policies that have been missed and yes I realise that the above policy's are loose in terms of definition, but should NOW become a real alternative, no doubt they would be expanded upon, but inline with common sense and not inline with political agenda or financial constraint or financial gain.

Is anyone generating policy with the goal of addressing the big issues we have today? There is at least one well known organisation that has been attempting to implement various policies and they have some very tough Development Goals.