"You don't need eyes to see,
you need vision"
Not a clue where the quote comes from, but I like it
NOW is not a point in time. It stands for the New Ordered World.

The simple version of NOW is: Doing things because they need to be done without breaking the bank.

We do not need to be stuck with Einstein's theory of insanity! Irrespective of a few millennia of our greatest minds using policy and strategy to mould our society for the betterment of humanity, we have not changed the underlying cause of society's ills. In fact the more of us there are, the "worse" our society's seem to become. Pick an issue, any issue that you like, preferably one that brings out your emotive side and then ask yourself the following question. "If you had an unlimited budget, could you solve the issue?". If the answer is yes and the issue can't currently be solved, then there's a bad guy at work.

So who is the bad guy?
It isn't a who, not directly, it is a what and that what was part of the question you were asked. Policy and strategy are dictated by the available budget. We are limited to using as many resources as we can afford. Governments chopping and changing budget expenditure being a simple example of this. If we need better healthcare facilities, then we need an extended budget. This usually means some form of policy/strategy change, which usually means that other government departments will lose some of their current budget. After all, there is a finite amount of budget available to the government. There are many ways to "up" the budget. You can take from Peter to pay Paul i.e. reallocate budget from Education to Healthcare, raise more taxes (income tax, corporate tax, GST/VAT increases, capital gains tax etc...), borrow from overseas, sell assets and likely many many more. It doesn't matter what you do, you will still have a finite budget when it comes to spend time, even if you have more than you started with. Let's face it, we pay taxes and we expect services. Those services are limited to the available budget. Otherwise budget wouldn't be used as THE excuse. It is! So budget is the bad guy! how the hell do you increase your budget without "mortgaging" your country? Currently economic growth is the mechanism used to expand the budget and we'll have a brief look at growth and the economy a little later on.

There is a Silver Bullet! Yes, there really is! Liars or incorrect experts, I'll leave that up to you to decide.
If budget constraint has always left society short in terms of across the board support etc... then The Silver Bullet, in regards to society's ills, needs to be used to shoot the bad guy i.e. remove budget constraint from society. That should also satisfy Einstein's theory of insanity. So back to the question that was posed above. If you had an unlimited budget, could you solve an issue that is important to you? NOW ask, if you had no budget at all, could you solve that very same issue? No?

Apply the Silver Bullet, remove budget entirely. WHAT? You can't do that! the sky will fall and the world will end! We need a proof of concept.
We need to prove that a country (New Zealand from here on in) can exist in the financial world without an internal budget? Tricky? No, not really. All it requires is a simple agreement between the people of the country concerned. I will do what needs to be done for you, if you agree that you will do what needs to be done for me, and we will both do it for free. No money, no barter, no value, in fact no exchange mechanism in any way shape or form. Just a country full of people doing their jobs, because we currently rely on each others skills to earn a "living". Food growers grow food, water treatment workers treat water, educators educate, healthcare workers provide healthcare, manufacturers manufacture, transporters transport etc... Applying the Silver Bullet will leave us with a free Local Economy. It's a simple concept. In fact it's exactly what we do at the moment, it's just that no one will be paid for their time.

Clear as mud? For arguments sake let's take NOW as a given. We will all use our skills for each other for free.
What about the materials we require that help us to do our jobs? If the resources are produced in New Zealand, they'll be free as well. We NOW have a free workforce and free resources. We can compete with country's that have cheaper labour costs than ourselves, as no budget constraint will exist. The Silver Bullet has been applied. NOW ask, if you had no budget at all and a country full of free resources (people included), could you solve that issue you want solving? If the answer is still no, what's the problem? People? Do you really think that in a free economy, people's attitudes will remain as they currently are?

It is EASY to change our society quickly! "You don't need eyes to see, you need vision".
If there's no budget constraint and everything is free, what will people do? In the short term the logistics will be simple. If we all do the jobs that we currently do, but accept that we won't get paid for it, and we will receive "everything" for free, then we're pretty much done. Everything that we provide today will still be provided tomorrow, so you will still be fed, have clean water, have kids going to school, Uni, be able to get your tooth fixed etc... all for free. As I say, EASY! If every person in New Zealand understood the idea and we cast our democratic vote, do you think people would prefer society as we currently have it? Or do you think people would prefer NOW? I have faith in people making the "right" decision where money isn't a factor. As such I believe that they would vote for NOW. In fact voting for NOW, or not, should be open to 14 year olds onwards. After all it is their future more than ours. However there are potential downsides in regards to the Logistics.