NOW... much smarter than NWO (Last Update: 25th September 2015)

"The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein
Motivation. Not in general, but on an individual basis. We're all different after all, but how different are our reasons for doing what we do? Personally I believe the primary motivating factor at the moment to be Money. Not necessarily out of greed, but out of need. I've no doubt that a financial rich person will be as altruistic as a homeless person who gives away food and offer their shelter to someone else, but a homeless person? Today?

Today we still have starving and hungry people. Sometimes this takes place in a war zone. That's not an overdramatisation, I'm not saying think of the children, I'm saying consider that position (tired, hungry, homeless, war zone) and if it doesn't bring you to tears, then I doubt you've truly considered that position. That's not a judgement, but what these people are going through is atrocious. No word can ever take the place of what is happening. It's a brutal reality, but I know that will change.

I'm not questioning your motivation for not welling up with tears and wailing like a bee stung child, I'm questioning my motivation in the face of what I know. I've taking a fucking good hard luck at what the world is becoming and what looks to be going on behind legally closed doors. No proof = conspiracy right? Well if you can ignore coincidence after coincidence after coincidence, then fine. Again, I'm not judging you, but all is not what it seems and I doubt that I'm even close to knowing what really goes on behind the closed doors of which I speak, but we still have people who are hungry, homeless and possibly in a warzone etc... so I can't imagine that they're talking about rainbow ponies and butterflies.

I advocate a Resource Based Economy. I do so with very good reason. And this is one of my motivations. I know for a fact that an economy where money does not exist, will allow for food to be sent to places that need it and homes to be built more quickly in order to house "refugee's". I say refugees, but I mean people who have to leave a place, where they are happy, in order to survive. This includes the afore mentioned homeless all the way up to climate refugee's. Face it, if the sea is rising, we're going to need a lot of surplus housing very quickly in order to cope. Will the financial economy cope?

Do we want to avoid what we're seeing in Europe just now. Yes it's nothing new, it's been going on for arguably millennia in some form or another, but the bottom line is, can the financial economy handle millions of people appearing in once financially "stable" countries and needing jobs etc... in order to live and be productive members of society? I absolutely hate writing it that way, but it is the way I have seen it most commonly referred to. Cramped "cities" of temporary accommodation waiting for what? A "war" to end? The local mob (legal or not) from hunting you down? The financial economy takes a thump, local culture takes a thump, local society takes a real thump, and the beat goes on. Do we want to continue this cycle? I don't!

That is one reason why I am motivated towards seeing Resource Based Economy become the reality. I know the vast majority of us would like to feed, cloth, house, provide safe environment for etc... everyone. As such, Resource Based Economy are the way to go. It's a purely rational and logical decision. It renders all of the financially nonsense utterly avoidable. Financial stress should not to be underestimated in regards to social reaction, as it IS the cornerstone reason for the many negative social reactions we see in society. Yes people, me included, can be real dicks at times, but hey, we're human, but we react differently where money is involved, because it is an absolute requirement for living today. A Resource Based Economy can deliver a society where everyone is fed, clothed, housed etc... because these things need to be done financial system or not. Why make it harder by limiting our production by using money?

I can explain these things in a million ways, but at the end of the day you need to come to this realisation yourself i.e. money is holding us back. I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you springs to mind. Not judging you, just stating more facts as I see them. Ye olde pub story of talking Resource Based Economy with 4 people: 2 giving "negative" reactions to Resource Based Economy, 2 giving positive reactions to Resource Based Economy. It renders making judgement pointless. Some people believe that man in general will change rapidly (within a decade), some don't believe that man can change. I am most definitely with those who believe that we can changed rapidly. I know that removing the financial system will have the 2 negative perspectives changing their minds very quickly... especially when a more respected figure explains it to them in a non pub setting.

Like I said, I can only explain it to you. My motivation is rational and logical. The financial economy drives human behaviour. It is undeniable. NOW, remove the financial part and see what you end up with? If it's violent and uncivilised tribal warfare, then I'd ask that you reconsider just how "bad" people are. Are. I mean, have been trained. The vast majority of people on this planet are awesome 99% of the time. We're not always dicks, because we're generally with people we know and trust, and that happens to be for the vast majority of our every day life. So I disagree with the perspective that people would sink to uncivilised tribal warfare when living under Resource Based Economy "guidelines". Most people will flourish.

Ah yes, but what do I get out of it? My motivation in a nutshell. I have 7+ billion motivations, and they all affect the future of my family and of those whom I love. I know that our future's will be better served by Resource Based Economy. It's nigh on impossible to argue against.

So, the jury is in.... and I've been busy. Well, I've been doing my thing my way.

I'm NOW a househusband. We made a few lifestyle choices in order for me to pursue the reality of Resource Based Economy. Ironically I'm starting a business with friends in order to make money to fund a run at Mayor next year. Not something I thought I'd be doing a month or two ago, but a (youtube) talk I saw by Michael Tellinger of the Ubuntu Movement and a chat with Richard Osmaston of the Money Free Party has seen me putting my name forwards. If not NOW, heh, then when eh? So I'll keep doing things my way, and we'll see where next year takes us ;-). As per usual, the more people that find out about Resource Based Economy, the better off we will ALL be.

If you want to make a legal change, but can't, or don't know how. Then wing it like I will, lmao, it's true but, lmao... but seriously, come to understand what Resource Based Economy are and how they can be applied to the society of today and that winging it will sound like a well thought through plan, because EVERY IDEA is up for grabs. Consider making a challenge for Mayor. I intend to.

“the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs.

A "Begging" Letter.

Everything takes money. Raising awareness is no different. To that end, if you have excess funds and you would like to invest in a project with the potential to change the world, then come and say hi.

The above may sound like madness or the ramblings of a person suffering from delusions of grandeur, but I assure you that I am quite serious. Someone has to be about the future. I have a plan. It may not be a good plan, but that is for you to decide. Come to my house, drink wine and let me offer you a vision and a plan of how we get there. You will be an integral part of NOW helping to shape our future. If nothing else, you will have had a wasted journey and I will have less wine.

Change happening by itself is too slow. It needs a helping hand.

We do not need to be stuck with Einstein's theory of insanity! There is a Silver Bullet! and it is EASY to change our society quickly and with next to no consequences, in fact the positives by far outweigh the negatives!

A wee challenge for you. Can you think of a single reason why our financial system is better than a NOW approach for humanity. Be honest and open minded, but I think you'll find out that there isn't. NOW (or variations of) is/are required NOW more than ever. We live in a finite world, why continue to waste it?

"There is no Silver Bullet". I've heard that from professionals, experts, leaders etc... NOW they're either really really wrong or they're lying through their teeth. Again, take a look around you and ask if this is the best we can do?

I disagree with those professionals, experts and leaders who say that there is no silver Bullet and I'll make 3 very bold statements that would have them laughing in the aisles:
  • There is a Silver Bullet!
  • It is EASY to solve many of the major issues that the world faces!
  • NOW offers positives that our current societal and economic models can't even come close to offering!

With the above 3 very bold statements in mind, I give you NOW

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