NOW... much smarter than NWO (Last Update: 1st January 2014)

"The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein
Happy New Year to you all. It looks like we're still mesmerised with chasing the rabbit as a solution to the world's woes. I guess that is to be expected given the entrenched position's that various groups will take in regards to what they think is the better solution for us, well, the economy.

So who are these groups that think they know what's best for us? Whoever the mouthpieces are matters not, as it's the engine room that provides the facts and figures for the mouthpieces to relay. Without a doubt you're going to find an economist or 7 in there. Have you ever questioned an economist? I suggest you don't, as they seem to be just as one-eyed as our politicians. This is our favourite, if you have to question it, then you don't understand it and should STFU and move aside. Ironic given that plenty of them rail against the politicians for being one-eyed, yet display the exact same traits. It's hardly surprising that we find ourselves in such a mess.

However, be it politician or economist they each offer solutions to our economic woes. To be clear, I would prefer that they spoke of the current economy as a financial economy, because an economy does not require a mechanism to facilitate trade. You can receive and not give and you can give and not receive. NOW I know that'll have some economists spitting the dummy whilst screaming at their screen at the sheer ignorance and naivety that they're reading, but hey, they're known to be one-eyed, so it's water off a ducks back. By way of an example, put your coffee down if you're one of the screen screamers, in every day economic activity, good will is used as the mechanism for trade. It's still an economy. So when you hear the one-eyes talking about the economy, they're actually talking about a financial economy. That's why all of the solutions are financial at their core.

Anyway, a few solutions: Bitcoin, Multiple global reserve currencies and my personal favourite, Unconditional Basic Income.

Bitcoin is a revelation. You burn up huge amounts of electricity, what a waste, to mine for coins. Well, you don't. Your computer does it on your behalf. Buy some kit, download some software, point, click and you have a new currency. A revelation? Not really. Is it really from any other form of online currency trading? It was mentioned that a $100 bitcoin, "mined" a year ago, would now be worth approx $4000 - $5000. Where's the difference between bitcoin and the "$" we currently use? Other than the returns that is? They're both plucked out of thin air and investors looking for a return give that currency life. So there really is no revelation there. The same can be said for any other virtual currency. It's nothing new.

Multiple reserve currencies. Seriously? Please see the Albert Einstein quote at the top right of this page. I'm sure there are "experts" who can make this look attractive for the mouthpieces to sell to the pubic, but please, don't insult what little intelligence I have.

Unconditional Basic Income (UBI). NOW, according to Mr Keiser, "It's not about giving people money. It's about re-architecting the economy.". WTF is he talking about? Given that he rails against the banksters for getting free money, how can he classify a UBI as something entirely different? The money comes from the same place doesn't it? It's merely being given to a different user group. Instead of QE, there will be some form of citizens dividend. Again, WTF. Why would Mr Keiser insult my limited intelligence in such a way? and what the hell is re-architecting the economy? Re-architecting the financial economy I'd agree with, because the only thing these FINANCIAL solutions are going to accomplish is how the financial economy is funded. Not about giving people money eh. Then don't bother.

There is a group in New Zealand who, in my opinion, have the jump on most of the "experts" as they have been considering a system of land rent (LVT) in conjunction with multiple currencies. I haven't kept up with my reading, so this may have changed, but you can check them out yourself as it may be what you're "looking" for.

And it's hardly a re-architecture given that all of these solutions have been done to death throughout history... be it using sticks or stones, gold or silver, cows or chickens etc... make no mistake, they have most definitely been done to death. So we are being offered nothing new. I'm sure Mr Keiser understands this, but he has a show and ratings and a following and is respected as an "expert" etc... to maintain. That's not an attack on Mr Keiser, as I'll say exactly the same thing about any financial solution. They simply don't work and do a huge amount of damage along the way.

Once the funding for the economy is sorted, the economy takes care of itself... and the economy takes care of the people. Given that simplistic statement, it seems that we must sit and watch one-eyedol until their is a victor. Theory v's theory. Massaged facts and figures v's massaged facts and figures. Popular human v's popular human. All vying for your vote. All touting themselves as the next best thing to help your economy grow and with the spin, lies, damned lies and statistics to prove it. All as one-eyed as the next... irrespective of intentions.

Yes you could class NOW as a one-eyed view. After all, it's my preferred solution. So let's throw one-eyed NOW into the mix with the financial solutions.

How is NOW going to fund the economy? Quite simply, it will make a single change. It will virtualise the currency. If you want to see how that will work, then go to the EXAMPLES page. What NOW understands is that ANY country in the world only needs to produce a GDP. Global financial economics positively demand it. This understanding, in itself, is more than enough to simplify how the economy is funded. The BENEFITS of virtualising the currency speak for themselves. Hang on though, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. True, but in regards to goods and services etc... NOW will have fluent valuations of goods and services etc... that can respond to the global market and its needs. The valuation of goods and services etc... that Bitcoin "bends" to are set by millions of corporations/businesses. NOW can produce the GDP that is required to maintain financial certainty without being subject to global financial fluctuations.

If you had a quick read of the EXAMPLES and BENEFITS pages, and then compare what NOW can offer v's any other financial solution, you'll soon see why my one-eyedness is one-eyed. However NOW is not a part of one-eyedol. I'll leave the reasons for why up to yourself, but it's pretty obvious why. The financial system would end in under a decade... more than likely in less than 5 years.

I do wonder why the "experts" aren't open to solutions that aren't financial in nature. I do wonder why the "experts" deny one-eyedol entry to the likes of NOW. Actually, I don't, it's pretty obvious. The "experts" believe that a NOW is unachievable because they would not live under such a system... and because they wouldn't, they believe that no-one else would. Well I can happily live in a world without those types of "expert", and until they open up one-eyedol to include a NOW, the free-worlders of the world will be limited to offering their solutions based on individual choice, where the rest of the solutions will be dealt with by "experts" that have been voted for and have "earned" their reputations by writing stories to suit their analysis. Are there any honest "experts" in the house? Is it possible to engage these "experts" without being an expert oneself? I'm sitting looking at No and No in answer to those questions.

Perhaps the next generation will have a different view of financial economics? Sure, let's leave it to the next generation, again. It's been a winning formula so far. Will we ever learn? In the meantime, the best the free-worlders can do is to offer people a different solution... which is more akin to a self-education than the coerced participation that we currently have.

Kia Kaha to all of you.

A "Begging" Letter.

Everything takes money. Raising awareness is no different. To that end, if you have excess funds and you would like to invest in a project with the potential to change the world, then come and say hi.

The above may sound like madness or the ramblings of a person suffering from delusions of grandeur, but I assure you that I am quite serious. Someone has to be about the future. I have a plan. It may not be a good plan, but that is for you to decide. Come to my house, drink wine and let me offer you a vision and a plan of how we get there. You will be an integral part of NOW helping to shape our future. If nothing else, you will have had a wasted journey and I will have less wine.

Change happening by itself is too slow. It needs a helping hand.

We do not need to be stuck with Einstein's theory of insanity! There is a Silver Bullet! and it is EASY to change our society quickly and with next to no consequences, in fact the positives by far outweigh the negatives!

A wee challenge for you. Can you think of a single reason why our financial system is better than a NOW approach for humanity. Be honest and open minded, but I think you'll find out that there isn't. NOW (or variations of) is/are required NOW more than ever. We live in a finite world, why continue to waste it?

"There is no Silver Bullet". I've heard that from professionals, experts, leaders etc... NOW they're either really really wrong or they're lying through their teeth. Again, take a look around you and ask if this is the best we can do?

I disagree with those professionals, experts and leaders who say that there is no silver Bullet and I'll make 3 very bold statements that would have them laughing in the aisles:
  • There is a Silver Bullet!
  • It is EASY to solve many of the major issues that the world faces!
  • NOW offers positives that our current societal and economic models can't even come close to offering!

With the above 3 very bold statements in mind, I give you NOW

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