NOW... much smarter than NWO (Last Update: 21st April 2013)

"The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein
If history has taught us one thing, it is that every generation to date has failed humanity. It's a hard thing to accept. The lack of pre-emptive guilt is slowly disappearing. That little voice that whispers in our ear that the actions that we are about to undertake are going to cause someone somewhere grief. It would seem that we are indeed happy to point the finger at how we are being led as being the issue. We are being socially conditioned to follow a pre-determined train of thought and be good little drones. Whilst there may well be a huge amount of truth in those observations, it is our fault that we haven't fought back.

Too many things thrown into the too hard basket. Oh I would but I'm doing my hair that week, or I need to watch my kids, or I don't have enough money to get there, or I once protested in the 80's and have done my bit, and worst of all, why protest because life is good... and in fact it's not only good it's about as good as it has ever been. Time spent to have one's voice heard v's it's not going to make a blind bit of difference anyway, so why bother. Amusing when you consider that the very same people who believe that protest won't make the slightest difference are generally the first people into the voting booth. Why are these people bothering? I'm sure they don't see the disconnect.

So we pick and choose our battles. More recently in various parts of the world it has been the rights of the gay community. Christ I detest that term. They are people who live in our community who happen to be gay. Not to be unexpected as I still hear reference to the black community, the Chinese community, the indigenous people etc... but all of the so called minority groups have had to protest to get their point across. They want equal recognition, equal rights to be accepted under the law so that they can't be denied that which the majority have taken for granted for decades. Why is there no process for a person to arrive at the Govt Dept of Minority Whoopsees, fill in a form, pay a $25 fee and declare their particular concern in written form for the consideration of a board of wise elders? You can tin foil hat it and say that it's good to have the people letting off steam for some minority cause because there will be those who don't agree and you can fracture society even further... or you could be sensible about it and pass a law on reasonable request. After all there's no referendum of the people. Just stupid bloody polls across demographic groups that are supposed to reflect the feelings of society.

Honstly would you really give a shit if Bob turned up at the Dept of Minority Whoopsees saying that he wanted to be able to marry his pet? Of course it's a pretty abhorrent idea to many people and you could well argue that consent hasn't really been given, but does the current law against bestiality actually stop it from happening? The guy may well wine and dine his pet before they get it on, we just don't know. Would making bestiality legal suddenly mean that we'd all rush out and start mounting livestock in fields? How badly put out would you really be? Yes it's a ridiculous argument, but where do you draw the line in regards to the rights of any given individual?

"Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools". This boils down to that little voice in your ear again, the one that says are you sure you should be doing this. People have fought for many rights over the years. Looking back it's hard to imagine that there was ever a time that human beings had so much contempt for each other, that they would write laws to specifically deny people access to rights that we take for granted today. So people fought for the recognition of equality, although I much prefer the word equity. Skin colour and gender are most definitely not reasons for denying anyones rights.

Unfortunately those rights are bound by law. Laws can be twisted to fit any situation. They are unbelievably fluffy and where money is concerned, they may as well not exist in many cases. If you're responsible for generating wealth, then in all likelihood you're going to get away with a slap on the wrist. Without money you ma well fall foul of being made an example of. So where's the protest for that? It's more of a grumble really. Oh we understand, if he goes to jail then his empire will collapse and hundreds of people will lose their jobs etc... It's a bullshit argument, but it's not protested against because we have been conditioned to be sensible when it comes to collateral damage. Well, in the cases of individuals that is.

I'd like to point out that we're protesting the wrong thing here. We have many minority groups/grumbles that will be fought for at some point or another. It will cost money. It will take time. We will feel better about ourselves and all will be well with the world. Well at least for the group you fought for. What's left to protest for? Well we're getting into the territory of the "professional" activist groups. The word "activist" being more than enough for any supposedly sane person to run a mile from. The "professional" protesters have been doing what they have been doing for decades. Their groups have been going for decades. Their concerns have not been heard. They are generally the greeny tree hugging hippy people who want to ravage business and plunge society back into the dark ages. These are the battles that are fought at a political level. These are the battles that affect us all as one people and by christ there are seriously strong lobby's against them.

The political battles are those of fundamental ideology and will never go away unless we all start pushing in the right direction. The big machine can't just be turned off without there being a free for all, ironically firing us back into the dark ages quicker than the afore mentioned "greeny's" would ever be able to accomplish. How do you fight these battles? How do you get people motivated to join in the eternal fights? Actually, we're motivated, but we're hamstrung. By hook or by crook we are screwed when it comes to lending our voices to the big issues. They are being looked out by the powers that be, best leave well alone as they've nominated themselves to deal with the issues on our behalf. I know the majority really don't believe this and the irony mentioned earlier rings in my ears again. Keep people a couple of salary's away from losing everything they've "earned" so far and we'll not join a battle that has been raging for decades in the numbers required to sway our nominated decision makers.

Humanity has failed because we are tied to providing for each other. No bad thing, but we're not really moving forwards by producing products that serve no purpose or are of such inferior quality that they have to be replaced after 5 or 6 uses. That's nothing but a waste and this is the battle that we need to have. This is the "greeny" battle. But the "greeny" battle is going to have to change tact before they swell the support they wish. They are going to have to make us an offer that we can't refuse, an offer that will finally out a "green" government in every single country around the world. Obviously I'm proposing dismantling the financial system and doing those things that need to be done, building things once and building them properly, finally tackling poverty in a meaningful way etc... I see no other way for the "greeny" battle to be won. This is for the future of generations that are coming and as we get older I get more and more concerned that this battle is not going to be fought.

The most heartening thing I hear is from past protesters. They still have that fight in them. However that fight is more a lending of their voice and not so much their action. That should be enough. It needs those with time on their hands to set those wheels in motion. It's a young mans game (or retired), but make no mistake, there are plenty of us here for that fight, we will support that fight and we will help lend as much knowledge, passion and time as we have at our disposal for that fight. But we must have a goal that encompasses everything that my generation and the generations before mine fought for. Those who have lost their lives fighting over territory and resources, Those minority's who have fought for their rights, those who fight for their lives on a daily basis need to realise that we will become another generation of failure should we let this pass. The battle needs to be fought and the only weapon currently at our disposal are our words. Seriously, start discussing NOW (or similar) with people. The more that know, the more of us there will be to defend that fight against those in the general public who don't like the change. It'll be alright, but some people are going to take some convincing. Let's not be yet another failed generation... get the word out!

Kia Kaha to all of you.

A "Begging" Letter.

Everything takes money. Raising awareness is no different. To that end, if you have excess funds and you would like to invest in a project with the potential to change the world, then come and say hi.

The above may sound like madness or the ramblings of a person suffering from delusions of grandeur, but I assure you that I am quite serious. Someone has to be about the future. I have a plan. It may not be a good plan, but that is for you to decide. Come to my house, drink wine and let me offer you a vision and a plan of how we get there. You will be an integral part of NOW helping to shape our future. If nothing else, you will have had a wasted journey and I will have less wine.

Change happening by itself is too slow. It needs a helping hand.

We do not need to be stuck with Einstein's theory of insanity! There is a Silver Bullet! and it is EASY to change our society quickly and with next to no consequences, in fact the positives by far outweigh the negatives!

A wee challenge for you. Can you think of a single reason why our financial system is better than a NOW approach for humanity. Be honest and open minded, but I think you'll find out that there isn't. NOW (or variations of) is/are required NOW more than ever. We live in a finite world, why continue to waste it?

"There is no Silver Bullet". I've heard that from professionals, experts, leaders etc... NOW they're either really really wrong or they're lying through their teeth. Again, take a look around you and ask if this is the best we can do?

I disagree with those professionals, experts and leaders who say that there is no silver Bullet and I'll make 3 very bold statements that would have them laughing in the aisles:
  • There is a Silver Bullet!
  • It is EASY to solve many of the major issues that the world faces!
  • NOW offers positives that our current societal and economic models can't even come close to offering!

With the above 3 very bold statements in mind, I give you NOW

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