NOW... much smarter than NWO (Last Update: 16th March 2013)

"The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein
A look at our future from the present looking back into the past from our future.

God I can't believe it. I'm 70 and 30 years ago, back in 2000, I was working in a job that had brief moments of enjoyment. I watched as the Global Financial Crisis hit and took people's lives apart. But how life has changed.

I've just finished sending my tri monthly blood sample to the central database for analysis. I marvel at the last 15 years of medical advancement. Where once I had to go to the doctor when I wasn't feeling well, only to be told that it was a virus and to be prescribed some form of generic catch all. NOW I receive a tailored made serum to treat my symptoms. Sometimes I receive a frequency to tune my molecular remoduliser unit. The database holds the last 15 years worth of how my body is working. It knows when I have a cold. It knows when I have an STD. It knows when something just isn't right with my body and sometimes it knows this before I do. However when I feel something coming on, I only have to send an "emergency" sample and 3 days later, a fast reacting serum appears in the post. Gotta love Cloud Computing. I know that if all else fails and the computer returns an unknown message, that a doctor is only an hour away and that all I have to do is wait. I don't even have to contact him or her as the computer has notified the doctor and myself. I hope I get that hot Dr again. Her smile is almost medicinal in itself. On her last visit we had a brief chat about how her career has changed. Less stress working in an office and diagnosing based on symptoms with "paper" notes in regards to my history. NOW she rocks up with a tablet and accesses the database of my blood results before making her judgement call. Once she's figured out what the most likely cause is she reports it back to the database and flags it as pending results. I take what she gives me and send weekly results to the database until the database tells me that my levels are back to normal. Blood Analysis Testing Service, or BATS for short, has changed many people's quality of life and keeps on getting better.

In conjunction with BATS the medical world has exploded with innovation. No longer do the scientists patent their work and develop it in secret. They have an intricate database of their own. I'm not overly sure how it works. But essentially they categorise their research and results and throw them into the publicly available database. Not all scientists work in a lab and not all scientists are recognised scientists. Some people are hobbyists who happen to have a knack for thinking along the lines that others don't. The entire scientific community has opened its doors and where certain research or hypothesis shows promise, the "professionals" explore it further. To that end cancer, influenza, meningitis, HIV/AIDS, malaria etc... research has taken on an entirely new lease of life and the breakthroughs have saved millions of people's lives.

Anyway, it's time for me to go to work. Ha! to think that 30 years ago we were all hoping that we'd reach 70 as fast as we could, so that we could retire. I would often sit there and consider heading for the dole queue, that's Social Assistance for out younger viewers. It's a bizarre concept to have to explain, but let's just say that we lived by very differently standards back then. All in the pursuit of more time to do with what we would like. At that point in time I wanted to be a house husband. I know I know they're commonplace these days, but that wasn't always the case. Oddly enough women were still viewed as less capable back then and the jobs that they were traditionally good at didn't pay enough, so the man worked as he could earn more for the family. I just wanted to spend more time with my kids. My wife was fed up with looking after the kids and wanted to get back into the workplace. Eventually we managed that balancing act but it was much harder than it needed to be. Where was I? Oh yeah, crap is that the time. I'm supposed to be in the office at 10, it's 20 minutes away and it's 10 to. Fortunately no one is going to mind if I turn up late, just so long as the job gets done. I realise that tardiness is a word that you may not understand, but there was a time were employers frowned upon being late, more they demanded an excuse. Funny eh? I'll explain what an employer was at a later date. First, work.

Nice day today, no need for an umbrella. A brisk 20 minute walk to the local work hub is just what the doctor ordered and I have no use to ride the MagTram anymore. I remember riding my bike to work in traffic that used to back up for 10 kilometres or so as everyone headed for work between 7 and 9 to get their day started. We lived 25 kilometres outside of Wellington New Zealand. One road in and one road out. I NOW live 100 kilometres North of Wellington where there was once just a field. It's a good job that we started to build business hubs. It used to cost me a small fortune to fuel up the bike, which I still have a ride regularly, in order to get to work. NOW I just walk there. Less wear and tear on the roads, less emissions, less worry, less travelling time, less traffic etc... in fact that last time I saw a bottleneck was about 10 years ago when a lorry had overturned blocking the highway. It hard to convey just how much traffic was on the roads in those days. It seems that the only people who drive these days are the guys who head to the local race track. If you've never been you should go. It's good to know how to drive and even better to find your limits. The roar of V8's and V-Twins is something else. The smell of hot exhaust and the laughter keeps people going back for more.

The roads and buildings are so clean and well maintained. The historical buildings in stark contrast to the modern day glass versions that we have. African glass, you just can't beat it. I guess it made sense to build glass factory's in a place where the sun shines almost constantly and sand is freely available from the dunes. You should go and take a look someday. Those solar collection towers are really quite stunning by night. A beam of sun light redirected from a giant mirror in space and focussed on to the collection towers. Not so dramatic by the day, but still impressive. We used to have acres and acres of solar panels that would capture the sunlight during the day. Not so funny when a flock of birds flew overhead and burned to a crisp, so they moved the mirrors into space. God I love technology. The first collection tower was erected 10 years ago in the centre of old Los Angeles. The technology was young and when the mirror developed a slight imperfection if vapourised nearly 60,000 people before they could reposition the satellite. That's why we have mini Thorium and Geo-Thermal reactors dotted around our city's instead of collection towers. Have you ever wondered why the older buildings are built like boxes and everything else is a triangle or a semi-circle? From what I've read it's all to do with earthquakes. They're much stronger than boxes and have withstood some amazing shakes which have levelled areas that were built more traditionally. We learned to build smarter, and whilst the older buildings do look stunning, function over form has its benefits. It's good to know that that giant dome in the centre of town is built to with stand some phenomenal stresses. I've been told that it can float too.

Ah yes. Thar she blows. The office. I think I've got about 5 hours of work on today. I'm hoping that John has modified that tool I gave him, because I could quite easily cut that down to 2 hours. I'm a programmer. I still love the job. However I love it more since we started to standardise the languages we all used to use. Honestly, there were about 120 mainstream "toolsets" in the bad old days. We all used to write the same type software but for different employers and for different clients. It was a mini nightmare in so many ways. Communication issues and mass data migrations causing huge headaches when it came time to switch to another system. Not enough time spent on architecture, business analysis or design to to what they used to call budget constraints. So many different security models that could always be broken often causing mayhem. Viruses wiping out entire systems in a matter of minutes. People hacking exploits for various reasons, some to prove that they could, some to gain competitive advantage and some for marketing purposes. The space and wastage of storage and electricity keeping these large databases up and running was immense. It all used to make for some very long days. Still, we have next to no security, we have a handful of languages and toolsets to use and everything is open source. It makes life so much easier to the point where the job is actually enjoyable.

Ooooops. Looks like Bert has broken his leg playing football. I dunno, 20 minutes at a hospital, a quick realignment of the bones, on with the cast, a handful of pain killers and out again. Shit we used to have to queue for hours before getting seen and even then that was the start of days, sometimes weeks in hospital. I and arm and fractured a leg as a kid and spent 6 weeks in hospital. Learning to walk again etc... Having said that though there were a limited number of doctors, nurses and beds. Since we stopped the financial system, when a kid says they want to grow up to be a doctor, that want often stays with them and they are educated to their needs. Similarly with education. So many people become teachers these days. Classes used to have a single teacher, not the 5 or 6 that you have today. There used to be a limited number of classes and we were all moved through the ranks based on age and not ability. Crazy eh. I took 3 or 4 years out from work a few years ago to study magnetism. Fascinating subject with endless potential. I wish I had have been better at it, but with so many smart kids these days it seemed almost pointless for me to move into that field (pun intended). It's good to know that I can do these things though. If I had have considered that 15/20 years ago I would have had to take out a loan, quit my job, put my family in a financial squeeze etc... it really was an archaic way of doing things.

Ahhhh yes, the faint aroma of sewage from the water treatment plant. Recycled and pumped up to the crop fields and crop towers where a natural process of filtering takes place and we capture the purified water and top up the reservoir. Unthinkable once upon a time, but the water doesn't need any additives these days and the only real concern is evaporation. Having said that though we do top up the water supply for local farm irrigation through a process of desalination when necessary. Lack of water started to become a major concern 20 years ago and it was starting to affect the food chain. One of the biggest considerations with desalination was what to do with the byproducts of the process. It turned out that they were excellent for breaking down our waste. The downside was that many plants don't like salt water that much. TO that end they designed a water treatment plant that could measure the amount of salt in the water and pump it to the appropriate fields or food towers for filtering. Fields of halophytes, all of varying classifications, sit above the reservoir. Some foods seem to thrive on salt and at the end of the day if the run off is just too salty, it's pumped back out to sea. It has certainly taken the strain out of keeping the local population fed and watered.

I read the other day that the population is still falling. Down to 6.5 billion. I guess education seemed to do the trick. That and the threat of the 2 kid policy becoming a reality. We were threatened that if we didn't stop reproducing like rabbits that we'd have a run away train in terms of population explosion. Better late than never I guess. However there was talk of DNA testing children to find out who the father was. Once that father had had 2 children, he would be sterilised. Fortunately sense prevailed and that policy was offered as a service that many men took on board happily. Some men volunteered for vasectomy's as they never wished to have children. It was all reversible, but it seems that the education policy was the main reason for the population rate dropping. Kids being taught social responsibility would have been laughed at in my younger years, in fact it often was. However we seem to have evolved in some strange way. Life is a little less chaotic and I guess some people just don't like kids. In ways I can't say I blame them.

Right, work beckons and John has finished that tool. My 6 hour day has halved itself at a minimum. I might book myself a holiday in the Maldives. Ever since we ditched the financial system the beauty of the region and the resources they have have been reused and reallocated to build underwater hotel complexes. I was in the Maldives 40 years ago on honeymoon and it'll be great to go back to that same island. Powered by tidal and solar power, with a methane storage container filled by the sewage that's treated by the salt water and then pumped out on the ocean floor. It'll be my first trip to an underwater hotel and my friends are constantly raving about it. Anyway, time to do my bit. I hope the wind gets up later as I'd like to take the kids kit surfing.

I love these trips down memory lane. It shows how far we have come in such a small amount of time. We live in a Resource Based Economy and build what we need to build, make what we need to make and live life to its fullest. Sometimes I wish that I had been born into this society, but it serves to make me appreciate what we have... something not many do. I'm not blaming them, because 30+ years ago I used to take the society that I was living in for granted in so many ways. I'm glad we moved on.

How did it all start. Well that's another story.

Einstein once said "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value". These days, we strive to be both. He probably would have loved it here.

A "Begging" Letter.

Everything takes money. Raising awareness is no different. To that end, if you have excess funds and you would like to invest in a project with the potential to change the world, then come and say hi.

The above may sound like madness or the ramblings of a person suffering from delusions of grandeur, but I assure you that I am quite serious. Someone has to be about the future. I have a plan. It may not be a good plan, but that is for you to decide. Come to my house, drink wine and let me offer you a vision and a plan of how we get there. You will be an integral part of NOW helping to shape our future. If nothing else, you will have had a wasted journey and I will have less wine.

Change happening by itself is too slow. It needs a helping hand.

We do not need to be stuck with Einstein's theory of insanity! There is a Silver Bullet! and it is EASY to change our society quickly and with next to no consequences, in fact the positives by far outweigh the negatives!

A wee challenge for you. Can you think of a single reason why our financial system is better than a NOW approach for humanity. Be honest and open minded, but I think you'll find out that there isn't. NOW (or variations of) is/are required NOW more than ever. We live in a finite world, why continue to waste it?

"There is no Silver Bullet". I've heard that from professionals, experts, leaders etc... NOW they're either really really wrong or they're lying through their teeth. Again, take a look around you and ask if this is the best we can do?

I disagree with those professionals, experts and leaders who say that there is no silver Bullet and I'll make 3 very bold statements that would have them laughing in the aisles:
  • There is a Silver Bullet!
  • It is EASY to solve many of the major issues that the world faces!
  • NOW offers positives that our current societal and economic models can't even come close to offering!

With the above 3 very bold statements in mind, I give you NOW

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