NOW... much smarter than NWO (Last Update: 19th September 2012)

"The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein
Hi. Welcome to NOW.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of groups who are out there promoting ideas for the future. They could be promoting the best use of technology, smarter ways to manage your household, interesting construction methods and materials, economic solutions, community focussed living etc... the list is almost endless. However many, if not most, of these groups seem to "suffer" from similar issues in regards to implementing their ideas. It's not for want of passion and it certainly isn't that the ideas don't hold merit, but moreover how to popularise their ideas so that they can become a part of "mainstream" life. On the face of it great ideas should be a no brainer, right? If it's good tech or good for the community/individual etc... then the idea should be implemented, right? I truly wish it were that easy, and it really should be. So why isn't it?

Let's don the tin foil hat for a second. There have been many stories of individuals making "fuel" efficient devices for power generation. Everything from zero point claims to over-unity devices to localised power generation to water powered vehicles etc... having been tied up in the courts whilst patents are being sought or whilst science mega-corp disputes the claims but takes its sweet time disproving the claim. Whilst many of these claims may well be bogus, they may also be more efficient ways of utilising "resources" in comparison to the common day version. Why would anyone want any of these potentially revolutionary ideas be "held back"?

The simple answer is money... however it's a little more complicated than that isn't it? Replacing 1 "technology" with another at the expense of workers is a good reason not to implement the tech. Competition from country's who can field cheap workers to build "products" cheaper cornering markets (a good few country's are halting production of solar cells as China builds these things much cheaper than anyone). The cost of implementing the idea may be prohibitive (doesn't stop NASA and the war mongers however). Essentially it comes down to the budget available and the return on investment. If your idea is not economically viable, then irrespective of its usefulness, efficiency, socially cohesive nature etc... then the idea won't become mainstream.

Funny that money is the excuse used for not implementing great ideas. Funny in that it's just about the only commodity/resource on the planet that is infinite. Are we so engrained in the financial system that there is no way out of it? I don't believe, not for a minute, that that is the case. Sure there are those who would like you to believe these things, but I've yet to meet anyone that can defend the financial system against NOW (or variations of). The benefits page highlight a small number of big issues that NOW could solve over night. We here that nothing works better than money. In which case, use nothing. It's a simple state of mind v's a hugely complicated "barter" system that crashes every 10 - 15 years. The idea behind NOW is not new, NOW is not unique, NOW (or variations of) IS the silver bullet that we are told does not exist.
In regards to the number of groups who are all trying to make things better for all of us, from a using "stuff" sensibly point of view, a NOW system would allow each and every one of those groups to become the leaders in their field and implement their great ideas. After all, if you don't have to worry about the financial ramifications of implementing great ideas and can just implement them, where's the problem? These guys are ready and waiting!

A "Begging" Letter.

Everything takes money. Raising awareness is no different. To that end, if you have excess funds and you would like to invest in a project with the potential to change the world, then come and say hi.

The above may sound like madness or the ramblings of a person suffering from delusions of grandeur, but I assure you that I am quite serious. Someone has to be about the future. I have a plan. It may not be a good plan, but that is for you to decide. Come to my house, drink wine and let me offer you a vision and a plan of how we get there. You will be an integral part of NOW helping to shape our future. If nothing else, you will have had a wasted journey and I will have less wine.

Change happening by itself is too slow. It needs a helping hand.

We do not need to be stuck with Einstein's theory of insanity! There is a Silver Bullet! and it is EASY to change our society quickly and with next to no consequences, in fact the positives by far outweigh the negatives!

A wee challenge for you. Can you think of a single reason why our financial system is better than a NOW approach for humanity. Be honest and open minded, but I think you'll find out that there isn't. NOW (or variations of) is/are required NOW more than ever. We live in a finite world, why continue to waste it?

"There is no Silver Bullet". I've heard that from professionals, experts, leaders etc... NOW they're either really really wrong or they're lying through their teeth. Again, take a look around you and ask if this is the best we can do?

I disagree with those professionals, experts and leaders who say that there is no silver Bullet and I'll make 3 very bold statements that would have them laughing in the aisles:
  • There is a Silver Bullet!
  • It is EASY to solve many of the major issues that the world faces!
  • NOW offers positives that our current societal and economic models can't even come close to offering!

With the above 3 very bold statements in mind, I give you NOW

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