"Democracy is a con game, it is a word invented
to outplay people, to make them accept
a given institution. All institutions
sing ‘we are free’. The minute you hear ‘freedom’
or ‘democracy’ – watch out, because in a truly free nation,
no one has to tell you that you’re free."
Jacque Fresco (the man behind the Resource Based Economy)
Benefits take on an entirely different meaning under NOW. Don't get me wrong, there will still be those who don't want to work and you could argue that they are receiving the benefits of your labour. Aren't they doing that already? Get over it! It's a positive thing, but we'll have a look at unemployment a little later.

We'll start with some of the more obvious benefits
  • Free top quality Healthcare
  • Free top quality Education
  • The eradication of poverty
  • A HUGE drop in crime
  • Equity
  • Sensible Laws
  • Fewer Laws
  • Almost recession proof
  • No need for prostitution
  • Teens not getting pregnant to get a house
  • Green technologies would become affordable
  • Infrastructure would become affordable
  • Shorter working days
  • Less working days
  • More personal time
  • No reliance on insurance companies
  • No need to rely on a pension
  • Less environmental pressure
  • Safer communities
  • Doing things because they need to be done
  • You can be what you want
  • No manufacturing costs
  • No export costs
  • Higher building standards
  • Top notch sports facilities
  • The highest standard of living in the world
  • A free workforce
  • The ability to respond to natural disaster without waiting for insurance companies
  • KNOWledge shared, not silo'd for profit protection
  • Open competition
  • Unhindered innovation
  • No mortgages
  • No rent
  • No taxation


The list above is the tip of the iceberg and you could probably expand upon that list with relative ease.

These are all viable benefits under NOW and I would imagine that they are all benefits that we wish we currently had. It would seem that we don't have the budget.

Ok, so we understand the benefits of a free local economy, but we live in a financial world and we need to import certain goods, at least in the short term. So how will New Zealand fit into a global financial Economy?